Butfield Welding's Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is the procedure used to clean as well as etch a surface by way of an abrasive for instance sand, bead or shot directed at high velocity against the material or surface.

Butfield Welding has the ability to assist you with the material preparation of a wide variety of heavy metal substrates that may include mild steel, wrought iron, aluminium as well as stainless steel.
Not to mention part of our own pre-treatment and surface preparing procedures we use abrasive blasting as a technique of rust and paint removing for the restoration of cabinetry, outside garden furnishings, safety and security gates and screens, structures, car pieces, bicycles and motorbike parts along with lots of other applications.

Butfield Welding can easily abrasive blast product which is 2000mm high, 3000mm long and then upwards to 1800 wide. We have now two blasting cabinets set-up to cover varying specifications.