Metal Fabrication

A metal fabricator needs to be qualified to interpret engineering drawings and then precisely cut metal plates directly into necessary patterns. They need to then weld them directly into structure in accordance with the drawings.

Metal Fabricators need to examine engineers drawings, employ geometric building techniques and metal producing practices. They need to also be able to use computer systems in making metal products and solutions, and also have a complete understanding of a range of industrial welding and joining technics to production the expected objects.

Usual instances of "heavy" metal fabrication could possibly be fabricating jobs which can include:

  • bridge constructions
  • cranes and ship constructions

Examples of "light" fabrication could be

  • motorcar bodies,
  • water tanks,
  • metal furniture, etc

Different kinds of work might include the restoration of damaged items such as the welding of shafts, plates and blades on earth moving equipment the restructuring of damaged metal parts.